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Shocking Vid Of Hairdresser Pulling Clumps Of Client’s Hair

Imagine going to the hairdresser, getting a wash and rinse, and then feeling your hair come out in clumps…

That’s what happened to one mother after giving birth, when her lowering levels of oestrogen meant that during a routine wash, her hairdresser was suddenly able to pull out CLUMPS of hair from her head.

The video has been viewed over three million times on Instagram, after Christina Kreitel from Utah shared the footage on her salon's Instagram account.

“HaHA!!! Nothing like that Post Pregnancy Shed man!!!! You know the time, 4 months postpartum and you FILL that drain! I’m going through this myself and like to collect it on the wall of my shower 😏 Haha so grossly satisfying 🤮🤑 This is just as good as scalp treatments!! Anyone else going through this!!! #licensedtocreate,” she captioned the post.

Not every woman experiences postpartum hair loss, but it tends to happen after the third month after birth.

Oestrogen levels increase during pregnancy, which can prolong the growth phase of the hair.

This means less hair falls out, making hair look thick and glossy but unfortunately this is only temporary.

Once the baby is born the hormones revert back to normal and the excess hair that didn't fall out during pregnancy comes out all at once.

Source: Daily Mail

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