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So You Can Now Get Face Masks For Your Boobs

Guys, there is such a thing as a face mask for your boobs and you can buy one for just $5.99!

Believe it or not, a Japanese brand has released a gel mask aptly named, “Oh! My Busty?!’ which is a heart-shaped mask that fits over your assets with convenient holes for your nips.

In a bizarre twist, the masks are one size fits all, which we just can’t quite comprehend since as we all know, each pair of knockers are unique (and one’s always bigger than the other!).

So what exactly do these masks do? Well, LA-based beauty brand Beautibi claim their boob masks, “keep breasts firm and elastic in overall breast skin texture.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Over in Korea the ‘Volume Up Breast Pack’ Masks claim to actually make your boobs bigger. Apparently the mask, ‘grasps the essence that evaporates to air by body temperature and surrounding temperature, and helps to be absorbed deeply into the skin.” We no compute.

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Sure, our boobs deserve all the TLC in the world, but we’d prefer to treat them to a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra than a weird gel mask, right?

Would you give a boob mask a go?


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