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Spotify's Customisable Playlist Legit Matches Your Running

Yesterday I went for a run. I know, shocking.

It’s not something I normally do - it must be house sitting by the beach that has me all kinds of motivated at the moment.

Well, as I’m not a seasoned runner, I don’t have a running playlist at the ready, so I thought I’d call on Spotify for help.

Not only did they help, they presented me with an epic option; a customised running playlist that measures how fast I run, and provides me with a playlist full of music with the same tempo.

It’s kind of genius.

I don’t know this for sure, but I FEEL like Spotify might scan through your music and choose music that suits your existing playlists. It was all RnB and hip-hop, the stuff I LOVE.

Basically you start the playlist and it asks you to start running, a few seconds later you have a full playlist ready to go.

Happy running!

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