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The "Amazing" $17 Kmart Product Aussies Can't Get Enough Of

If you want to know about the amazing secrets hiding at Kmart, ask the mums; an outpouring of love on Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia has outed a $17 product as the next big thing.

The "Kmart mop cult" was first picked-up by Kidspot, who noticed post after post heaping praise on the Kmart Spray Floor Mop.

"I love [it]," one customer told the publication. "With four children it makes cleaning so much quicker and simpler and is amazing for spot cleans.

"My husband has even started helping with the mopping now too. He finds it so convenient to use as he no longer needs to prepare a bucket of water and having to constantly rinse it and wring it out like you do with a regular mop.

"We also found that the floors dry quicker."


The mop, which has been compared to a similar $45 steam version, can be used wet or dry and has "a built-in liquid sprayer to efficiently clean and dry most hard floors."

"It has cut my mopping time in half and I also love the fact that it's quick and easy to grab for touch-up jobs," another happy customer told Kidspot.

As with most Kmart treasures we expect there to be a stampede to the shops now that the secret is out so may we recommend some online shopping here?

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