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The Reason Victoria's Secret Is Called 'Victoria's Secret'

There's no doubting the fact that Victoria's Secret has sexy AF lingerie, a killer annual fashion show and some #goals models that we think could actually be real angels. (That blemish free skin and rock hard abs just doesn't seem human...)

But one thing that we don't know about the company and a question that we've always wanted answered: Who's Victoria and what's her secret?

Seriously! It's an age old question that's been wondered by numerous women over the years as they perused the bras and panties on sale.

I mean the brand was designed by a dude, so is the secret just that Victoria is a mythological woman who doesn't actually exist?

Wrong! Apparently the lingerie giant is named after Queen Victoria herself and the secret is in reference to the taboo and mystery that surrounded the idea of underwear at the time.

Weird right? The thought of Queen V's undergarments doesn't really bring to mind the term "sexy lingerie" like we see on the shelves at Victoria's Secret today. In my imagination it's more like puffy white drawers and petticoats...

But apparently that's the point! The whole idea is that you never really know what's hidden under someone's clothes, even the Queen's apparently!

Roy Raymond, the man behind the infamous lingerie company, wanted his stores to resemble the sophistication and propriety of the Victorian era, all while eluding to the sexy little 'secret' that they might be wearing underneath their clothes.

It's also believed that the whole idea of the secret also came from Raymond's own experience when he attempted to buy some lingerie for his wife.

"When I tried to buy lingerie for my wife," he told Newsweek after the introduction of Victoria's secret, "I was faced with racks of terry-cloth robes and ugly floral-print nylon nightgowns, and I always had the feeling the department store saleswoman thought I was an unwelcome intruder."

And so in 1977 Raymond decided to play on the taboo idea of lingerie and design something that women could feel both comfortable and sexy in. And the rest is history!

So next time you tuck your bosom into a lacy piece from the Victoria's secret collection, remember to spare a thought for her majesty. Who knows, maybe she was sporting something similarly racy back then too!

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