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The Bizarre Sex Toy Women Are Using from Their Childhood

This story contains sexual references.

I will never think of my old Nokia 3310 the same way after this recent study.

According to a sex-positive group, Agents of Ishq, it surveyed 100 Indian women who claimed to be using their Nokia phones as a substitute for hard-to-find sex toys.

‘The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey!’ the group says.

‘We have no idea why the company is not the market leader after this!’

One woman surveyed told the collective: ‘A group of three of us decided to masturbate with the old Nokia phones to show a fourth how pleasurable masturbation can be.


‘We switched off the lights to reduce her discomfort and got into our beds. Only, when we switched on vibration, the screens lit up showing off our vaginas!’
The survey also claims that 54% of the women surveyed said they used domestic appliances to masturbate with.

That included vegetables, toothbrushes and bottles (sort of standard fodder), as well as beds (what?), pillows (how?) and sofas (WTF?).

Dependable dildos are apparently quite difficult to get hold of in India but if anyone knows how you can ‘get off’ using a pillow, then please let us know.

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