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The Bloody Amazing Sex Side-Effect That Lasts For 48 HOURS

Dim the lights, scatter some rose petals and stick on a bitta Pony by Ginuwine because you're going to want to get ~busy~ tonight.

A new study has found that that "sexual afterglow" you get after a bit of slap and tickle isn't just an old wives' tale and can, in fact, last for a whopping 48 hours.

It's all thanks to a chemical called oxytocin, which is released during sex and strengthens the bond between partners; recent research suggests that that postcoital bond, however doesn't disappear straight away, hanging around and boosting sexual satisfaction. 


In two separate studies, psychological scientist Andrea Meltzer and her team collected data from more than 200 newlywed couples, who kept track of their bedroom romps and their general relationship happiness.

On average, the couples had sex four times in 14 days but, regardless of genders, ages, personalities, the frequency they had sex or their relationship lengths, every one reported a spike in sexual satisfaction for the two days afterwards.

Even more tellingly, the couples who claimed super intense afterglows tended to be happier in their marriages, even six months on.

Basically, the study confirmed that couples who bathe in the afterglow of sex can expect to see their bonds - and relationships - strengthen over time.

As if you needed an excuse to Netflix and chill tonight.

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