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The GENIUS Way You’ll Never Experience Tattoo Regret Again

Tattoos are so common these days, but so too is tattoo regret.

Pascal Ward has now developed a clever way to test your tattoos before making them permanent additions on your body, so you will never regret your ink again.

EasyTatt is an online temporary tattoo business which allows you to test out your chosen design before having it etched on your skin in real life. 

The website boasts around 7,000 different designs from tattoo artists all around the world, or you can upload your own.

You then order the tattoos online and they arrive along with a bottle of EasyMatte Liquid. You simply apply the tattoo and then the liquid on top of the skin, which will take the shine away – the most telltale sign of a temporary tattoo.

The tats should last around 10 days and it looks legit. You wouldn’t even be able to tell it was only a fake.

Talk about try before you buy!


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