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The Glitter Boob Trend Just Went Way, WAY Too Far

Hi, welcome to 2017, where everything is either unicorn-, Disney- or glitter-themed.

Today's offender comes in the form of body glitter which began, innocently enough, as a cute addition to your festival ~look~.

But what started as a grown-up version of face painting has very quickly escalated; "glitter boobs" are apparently the best way to accessorise on days when it's "too hot" to wear clothes.

Absolutely loving this weather in London! It's too hot for clothes....✨⭐️🔥🙌🏼

A post shared by ✨GO GET GLITTER✨ (@gogetglitter) on

Yeah, we've got no idea either.

AND YET. Not content with covering half of their toso with a substance that must be a bloody nightmare to remove, glitter-addicts have now been spotted in glue-on bodysuits and are we the only ones getting itchy?

Would you have the guts to pull this off at #Glastonbury this year? ✨‼️🙌🏻💕 Model: @amberkyriacou

A post shared by ✨GO GET GLITTER✨ (@gogetglitter) on

Holly from Go Get Glitter told Unilad that while she's always loved glitter, even she has been surprised by the enormous spike in orders to her specialist art company.

"The glitter trend really appeared out of nowhere but glitter has always been popular," she said. "I think as the festival craze has got even bigger, it's picked up alongside; the two come hand-in-hand really!

"People also really are becoming more accepting in regards to people expressing themselves and glitter is a fun and unique way to do this.

"I also think it's extremely sexy... and who doesn't want to see someone wearing a full mermaid glitter catsuit? I definitely do!"

By the sounds of it, it's something we'll all be seeing this festival season.

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