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The INGENIOUS Trick That'll Save Your Bed Sheets From Tan

The weather is heating up which means two things: We can no longer get away with a once-a-week shave and Fake Tan Thursdays are officially back in force.

Unfortunately, though, our weekly bronzing sessions coincide right with that time of year when we really do NOT want to be wearing full-length pyjamas to bed.

Which means that our sheets, bless them, are destroyed on the regular; doesn't matter how hot you wash those babies, you can never quite get rid of that pale brown, body-shaped patch.

So what if we told you there was a way to sleep in minimal clothing and not stain your clothes or doona with fake tan, a way that has been approved by the tanning gods themselves, Bondi Sands?

Apparently the trick is baby powder; dusting yourself in a light coat will help to absorb your sweat and prevent transfer.

It turns out that powdering your tan is a legit tactic that's been used by tanning technicians for years, with expert Anna Stankiewicz telling Allure back in 2014 that she never tans without it.

What you've got to do, she says, is get yourself a large, fluffy make-up brush and dust yourself from top to toe with a generous puff of baby powder, preferably scented.

While the powder won't mess up your tan, it will absorb any odours, oils and sweat and prevent that post-spray stickiness - and any annoying stains. 

Genius, we tell you. 

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