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The Make-up Brush Hack EVERY Woman Needs To Know About

Are you an avid make-up brush user? Maybe you would be if they didn't become so dirty and lacklustre so often.

The part that annoys me the most is when my make-up brushes seem to take DAYS to dry after I wash them. It means they're out of action for so long - and quite frankly it turns me off washing them.

It wasn't until I found this awesome hack that I got excited.

You see, this women has come up with a way to dry your brushes WAY faster, as having them dry vertically is so much faster than laying them down horizontally.

Just grab a coathanger or two and use your hair bands to create a harness for your brush. Wash them, slide the end through the harness and leave them to dry, it'll only take a few hours - if that!

Thank you, Julia. Thank you so much.

Source: Bustle

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