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The One Thing You Should Cut From Your Morning Routine

Wait I thought flossing was supposed to be really good for you?!

Turns out, maybe not… and if you’re doing it incorrectly you could be doing more harm than good.

An investigation has revealed that the evidence for flossing is “weak” and “inconclusive.”

The Associated Press looked at over 25 studies carried out over the past decade that compared toothbrushing to the combination of toothbrushing with floss.

One commentary stated that any benefit to flossing is so tiny that it wouldn’t even be noticed by users.

This is pretty crazy considering the US government has been recommending flossing since 1979!

While many people will be reluctant to ditch flossing entirely those who continue to floss are being urged to ensure they’re doing it correctly.

Wayne Aldredge, president of the periodontists’ group, recommends ditching the sawing movement and instead move the floss up and down the sides of the teeth.


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