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Guess How Urban Decay Pick The Colours For A Naked Palette?

You'd be hard-pressed to find a girl who doesn't own at least one Naked palette, be it One through Three or one of the too-cute minis.

And they're pretty frickin' indispensable, if we're being honest; obviously, Naked One has your basic "natural" look covered, but we're reaching for the Smoky palette every Saturday night, and Naked Three? Date night in a 20 cm rose gold case.

But your fave eyeshadow go-tos just got even more fantastic - seriously - with the mother company, Urban Decay, 'fessing up about how exactly it is that they pick each colour.

The fun fact came courtesy of the cosmetic giant's Instagram page, which revealed that Urban Decay's founder, Wende Zomnir, told her team to decide which four eyeshadows they would take with them to a desert island. 

The results? That's your Naked One right there.

Thank you, busy worker bees of Urban Decay. We heart you hard.

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