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There's Now A Lipstick To Stick Your Vaginal Lips Together

Any lady will know that having your period can be bloody annoying… see what I did there?

I remember wishing several times that I wish I could just shed, you know… all of that… when I went to do a number one - and that it wasn’t constantly, you know… there.

Well, an American chiropractor, Daniel Dopps, has seemingly come to our rescue, inventing - wait for it - a lipstick that will glue the lips of your labia together, effectively making women ‘leak-free’ until they need to go to the bathroom.


They call it, ‘Mensez’. The science behind it is strange, to say the least.

Here, on the Mensez Facebook page, which has now been removed, they explain the science behind it.

Disclaimer: This is from the brand Facebook page, NOT us!


“Have you ever woke up with your lips stuck together? It didn’t hurt and it was kind of fun. All you had to do was to wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck. That is the principal behind Mensez and a revolutionary safer solution for women to control their periods without the need for tampons, pads, vag cups, or period panties. Mensez is a natural combination of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the lips down under during the period. It causes them to stick together, strong enough to prevent leakage, that is until the user urinates. The urine instantly unsticks the labia and allows everything to wash out into the toilet, wipe and reapply Mensez lipstick. Clean, Safe, Secure and Done. Coming to a store near you soon.”

In the same breath, the Facebook post labels the invention a "revolutionary" and, wait for it, "safer" means for women to "control their periods".


In another post on the Facebook, which was spotted by Twitter user Tara, the product maker boasts that users "don't have to see [period blood], and you certainly don't have to touch it anymore".

Source: Cosmopolitan

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