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There Is Now A SEXY Melania Trump Halloween Costume And WOAH

If you’re after something a little different this Halloween, but still want to look sexy - Melania Trump is a good place to start.

Costume shop Yandy have announced they’re offering a Melania Trump Halloween outfit modelled off her Inaugural ensemble. says in a press release.

“Hitting the web this morning is their newest costume, sure to give you watercooler fodder.”


The costume, featuring a high-waisted skirt and a blue crop top with a high collar and wrap front, goes for $69.95 on


Shoes and gloves are not included, but Yandy sells those separately for $49.95 and $8.99, respectively.

Now all you need is a weird combover guy to escort you around your party. Luckily they have one of those too; the Donna T. Rumpshaker.


The wig says it all.

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