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There Is Some Ripper News For Girls Who Are On The Pill

It’s good news for girls on the pill.. but you might have to wait for a while.

A male contraceptive is on its way but how many men will want to take it? Probably not many.

The new ‘Vasalgel’ gel is injected into a man's nether regions and blocks their sperm, which is a temporary vasectomy.

Unlike a vasectomy, however, the gel can be flushed out and reverse with the injection of a baking soda solution.

Scientists have been following the progress of seven rabbits who have been given the treatment for 14 months before it was all flushed out. The sperm procedure then returned to normal.

Dr Donald Waller, the lead author of the new study, said: “The results of the Vasalgel reversibility study in rabbits indicate the implant could be removed resulting in the quick return of sperm flow.

“We were pleased that the number of sperm and their motility after reversal were no different from baseline measures.

It is now known when the new gel will be released.

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