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Christmas Jumper Is Made For Couples Joined At The Hip

Ugly christmas sweaters have become a fabulously jolly trend and over the years we've seen some crackers take the shelves.

But this latest design seriously takes the cake, because it's something that you can share with that special someone - be it your partner, BFF or even your pet.

It's called a twosie - a jumper where two people can join and become one...

Basically, it's a sweater with an over the top christmas design, but with two head holes instead of just one!! Perfect for a good snuggle during the holidays.

And while we know that it's usually a steaming hot summer down here in Oz during Christmas, we definitely need one of these bad boys!

Even if it means just braving the heat in one for the christmas card pic before ripping it off and jumping in the pool.

You can buy a twosie christmas sweater from the online store Cheesy Christmas Jumpers (perfect name btw) and they're actually not too pricey coming in at $49.99. Seems like a pretty reasonable price for something so fashionable and necessary for the festive season...

What better way to get into the spirit of christmas than dressing up with the person you're closest about being joined at the hip!

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