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This INCREDIBLE Strapless Bra Promises To NEVER Fall Down!

With strapless dresses oh so trendy at the moment, strapless bras have become a necessity. 

However, no matter what your chest size is, we all have strapless bra struggles. 

Those who have worn a strapless bra before will know that you usually spend the whole night yanking it up or dealing with it being so tight that it's digging in to you. 

New start up Kellie K Apparel thinks they've found the solution with a new strapless bra that clings to your skin. 

The brand calls the bra's stickiness 'GeckTeck', comparing it's amazing stickiness to the bottom of a gecko's foot (ie VERY sticky). 


The bra will cling to any surface but removes easily without tugging so it doesn't stick to your skin - like a static cling. YES. 

There are two different styles of bra, one with a wire and one without.

Each has a lightly lined cup for shaping and support and a ruched centre that will separate your boobs nicely for max comfort. 

However here's the catch - they're expensive. 

At $85, the bra comes in sizes 30-40 and cups B-F. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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