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Woman Becomes Pregnant With Twins Weeks After Giving Birth

Looking after a newborn can be a challenge in itself.

And a first-time mother was put to the ultimate test when she found out that she would not only be learning to cope with life as a new mother, but she would be doing it whilst pregnant… With twins!

Eliza Curby, 27, from Sydney found out she was pregnant with identical twin boys, just six weeks after welcoming her daughter.

Eliza recalled the terrifying moment she discovered her pregnancy to Daily Mail Australia, and says she ‘didn’t even think about contraception’ after the birth of daughter Charlie, relying on the old wives tale that ‘you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding.’

Apparently, that’s not always the case.

“Breastfeeding doesn't do s***, this pregnancy happened, it is real,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“My doctor actually uses me as an example for couples when they say they don't have any contraception plans in place after the birth of their child.”

And her hubby wasn’t exactly impressed with the news, with Eliza explaining that his face turned completely white. 

“When we found out Ben's face just went white,” she said, admitting that both of them were actually ‘in denial’ for a few weeks.

💕 Happy Birthday my Darlllllling... How lucky I am I ended up with you 💕

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When she eventually revealed the shock news to her friends and family, she says their faces were horrified.

“I was really excited to tell them I knew they were going be way more shocked than I was,” she said.

“When we went to dad and told him we had exciting news he thought we were going to get married.

“Then when we said we were going for round two, with twins his face turned to horror.”

The couple’s daughter was born in January 2015, and their twin boys came later that year in December 2015.

One month on - It's a party at our house 24/7! Follow Jack &Wolfe . #twins

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Eliza is now sharing her experience as a mother-of-three babies under one on her blog. 


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