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Woman's Trip To The Nail Salon Leads To Horrifying Discovery

A nail technician has taken to Facebook to issue a terrifying warning after she spotted a rare type of cancer on a walk-in client's fingernail.

Jean Skinner, who works at a salon in the UK, shared her experience in a now-viral post, explaining that the woman had asked for a "colour dark enough to cover" the stripe down the middle of her nail.

"[Other salons] said it was a lack of calcium," Ms Skinner said. "Some said it was hereditary. At least one had told her it was a blood blister.

"This is a melanoma!!! I did not want to frighten her but I told her she needed to see her doctor immediately!"

Unfortunately, Ms Skinner continued, it may already be too late.

"She called me today to tell me that yes it was a very aggressive melanoma that has already spread to her lymph nodes!", the shocked beautician revealed. "Her prognosis is not good."


Ms Skinner is now using the woman, who has given her permission to have her story shared, to warn others to pay attention to abnormalities in their nail beds.

"Odd changes in your nails can very likely be nothing to worry about," she wrote. "But sometimes it is an indication of a very serious disease.

"And please keep an eye on the nail beds - toes and fingers - of your elderly loved ones that aren't physically able to notice changes in the nail beds.

"Early diagnosis can make all the difference in the world."

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