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Sydney Childcare Worker Reveals How She Shed 12 Kilos

One photograph was all it took to trigger childcare worker Christina Madalidis to make a change and ultimately drop a whopping 12 kilograms in just six weeks. 

The 30-year-old couldn’t believe her eyes, when she was photographed along-side her heavily pregnant sister and discovered she was in fact the bigger of the two.

Sick of the way she looked and felt, Ms Mandalidis embarked on a health and fitness program which promised significant weight loss, but without cutting out carbs and fat.

A self-confessed sugar and carb lover, Ms Mandalidis said she was guilty of secret eating and would often polish off a packet of Tim Tams a day.

Source: Supplied. 

“I’d reached a point where I was really heavy,” Ms Mandalidis told 

Instead, Ms Madalidis ditched the Tim Tams, opting for a gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol free diet. Dubbed the Diced by Varlah, the program focuses on two core areas — a nutritional plan, and a virtual exercise program.

While the diet is restrictive, Ms Mandalidis said being able to include carbs and fats in almost every meal of the day made it manageable. The second half of the plan required her to exercise for 45 minutes a day, six days a week.

“Since starting in October, I have lost 16kg in total. It didn’t happen in the first or second week for me, but by the end of the six weeks you see how much you’ve actually lost, and the changes in measurements — especially around the waist and stomach — which I would attribute to the nutrition side of the plan," she said. 

She looks amazing! 







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