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The Most Popular Way To Pick Up Might Surprise You

If you're unlucky in love, it could be because you've been trying to pick up in the wrong way.

In the current climate you might think that the best way to meet someone is through online dating apps, but recent research suggests you should keep it old school.

The survey quizzed 501 single people and 551 people in relationships and it turns out the most common way to meet someone was through mutual friends, with a whopping 39% of those surveyed having found their other half this way.

Meeting at work was next at 15%, followed by 12% percent of people meeting in a bar or public space, 9% through hobbies and 7% through family.

A mere 8% of people surveyed reckon they met their partner online, with 30% of them saying that people they met through apps were "not serious" and 21% told "more lies."

So ditch the apps and get out and about!


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