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The Small Romantic Gestures That Go A Long Way

Forget grand romantic gestures.

A survey of 1000 people - 85% of which were women - has found that while most people want more romance in their life, they just want their partner to keep it simple. 

Cooking a meal, running a bath or sharing your umbrella are all examples of small gestures that will go a long way.

Another big one is simply leaving the veranda light on if your loved one is out late at night. According to marriage counsellor Anne Hollonds, this gesture is one of the most meaningful. 

"It shows that the person is not just thinking about themselves, they are thinking about you. They are putting themselves in your shoes. If they are prepared to do that, then it’s symbolic of other things they are doing," Ms Hollonds says. 

"The small things do matter, and we need to pay attention. If we know we have had some negative interactions lately, we need to shift the vibe a bit, and make the effort." 

The quickest way to kill the romance is to involve social media. So hold off on posting pictures or writing long elaborate love dedications on Facebook!


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