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These Nicknames Make Great First Names For Babies

Aussies love nothing more than to shorten words.

The fact that I just used ‘Aussie’ instead of ‘Australians’ is testament to that.

Brickie, ambo, Maccas, mozzie, trackies, undies…you get the picture.

So why shouldn’t we just cut to the chase when naming our kids?

Some of our most popular names are being taken over by their nicknames…


Archer – Archie

Alexander – Alex

Jackson - Jax

Oliver - Ollie

Theodore – Theo

Charlies - Charlie

Francis – Frankie

Ezekiel - Zeke

Nathan - Nate

Leonardo – Leo


Nicole – Nikki

Alexandria – Alex

Abigail – Abby

Isabella – Bella (or Izzy)

Evelyn – Evie

Francesca – Frankie

Julia – Jules

Katherine – Kate

Elizabeth – Libby (or Lizzy)

Lillian – Lil (or Lily)


Source: Babyology

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