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This Family's Christmas Card Is So Relatable It's Gone Viral

In what can only be described as ‘relatable AF’, comes this story for anyone who’s single over Christmas.

Some families might an annual Christmas letter, but some do a family Christmas card which features a festive pic of said family… the Kardashians do one every year, but this isn’t about them.

This is about Emily Seawright.

Emily’s family Christmas card has gone viral because, well, it’s all of us.

(And when I say us, I mean us singletons who seems to endure the sudden interest in our personal lives at this time of year)

Anyway, Emily recently posted her family’s Christmas card for this year, and it’s perfect.

One of her sisters? Engaged. The other? Expecting.

Her parents? Excited.

Her? We hazard a guess her folks probs aren’t as excited.

And although it all started with ‘Egg Salad man’


It’s a trend we never really get tired of...

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