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18 Queensland Schools Have Been Targeted By Pornography Ring

Eighteen Queensland schools have been targeted by a pornography ring that has published thousands of images from schools across the country.

The ring, consisting of teen boys and young men, was set up in December last year.

Since then they have swapped “graphic sexual images” of unsuspecting female students and other women.

Adding to the disturbing news, members are nominating girls for the hunt on “wanted’ lists.

According to, the site allows them to nominate the full name, high school and region of girls they hope to get nude photos of.

Once their prey is added to the list, members help by sourcing and posting private information and encouraging each other to get the explicit images.

Some of the images uploaded include photos of nude teens, school girls performing sexual acts and close-ups of their genitalia and breasts.

While the site has been reported for child pornography, police are unable to do anything as it is hosted overseas.

It has been reported that victims pleading for their images to be removed have been mostly ignored.

However in some cases, the site’s bros have retaliated by calling on each other to upload even more photos.

While the ring uses codes to make it harder for outsiders to identify victims and schools.

It’s estimated at least 70 Aussie schools have been identified on the site.

Queensland Schools Targeted:

Allhallows’ School

Caloundra State High School

Cavendish Road State High School

Clontarf Beach State High School

Grace Lutheran College

Grace Lutheran College

Kirwan State High School

Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Miami State High School

Ormiston College

Redlands College

Runcorn State High School Wins

Ryan Catholic College

Sheldon College

Southern Cross Catholic College, Redcliffe

Springwood State High School

St Andrews Anglican College QLD

Woodridge State High School

Stock Photo: AAP

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