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A Bomb Has Been Detonated Outside A Thailand Tourist Hotel

A bomb has gone off outside a hotel in Thailand.

The bomb is believed to have gone off outside the Southern Hotel in Pattani, setting the hotel on fire and destroying the outside walls.

The injuries of the 29 injured people are not yet known, but authorities cannot confirm or deny that tourist will be amongst the dead, currently totalled at 1 confirmed.

Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the sickening attack.

Thai national police chief Jakthip Chaijinda said that police have not ruled out any motive and believe that many of those involved came from Thailand's Muslim-majority southern provinces.

He said: "We know where they came from, where they went. We believe there are at least 20 people involved in this network."

Terrorism has blighted the popular tourist destination in recent months, with Australian tourists told to be on high alert due to "indiscriminate" bomb and grenade attacks.

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