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Dad Physically Abused By Ex Whilst Holding A Baby

In a video uploaded to facebook, Blair Burrows pleads for the public to take domestic violence against men more seriously than they HAVE BEEN.

The disturbing video was accompanied by a lengthy Facebook status, detailing the lead up to the altercation. Blair explains that he has been to the police multiple times about the abuse inflicted by his ex partner, with no result and indicates that 'if a female walked in, things would be different.'

"There are 21 fathers committing suicide from this every week, when will it change?" Blair pleaded to whoever was listening, "Something needs to changes... I’ve had a beautiful daughter who I have unconditional love for and I will fight for her, no matter what. I have a mentally ill ex partner and it breaks my heart that they use [my daughter] as a weapon to hurt me."

The rest of the Facebook status details the fight he has with his ex partner, specifying that this is 'just one of the stories.'



Domestic and family violence can happen to men too. Perpetrators of violence against men include their children, wives or partners, parents, siblings and carers.

Male victims of domestic violence often feel a sense of shame about their abuse. It is important to remember that it is never your fault. 

If you are male and are a domestic violence victim there are services that can help you.

Mens Line Australia:

1300 78 99 78


1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)

 For more information

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