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A Harry Potter Pop-Up Store JUST Arrived In Sydney

It's the closest to Diagon Alley we're ever going to get without taking a trip to the actual Wizarding World of Harry Potter so we'd recommend stocking up on your Galleons.

This is going to get magical.

Myer's Wonderland is this year playing host to the Harry Potter pop-up of your dreams with an entire section of the Christmas-themed floor dedicated to anything remotely related to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade or Hagrid.


According to TimeOut, we're talking everything from Harry Potter board games - like Cluedo, for example - to character wands, and accessories ranging from Quidditch goggles to Sorting Hats.

That's not even mentioning the books, the stuffed toys, the scarves, the figurines - it's a veritable treasure trove for Harry Potter fanatics, young and old.

Oh, and it's in Sydney. Harry Potter has come to Sydney!

Myer's Wonderland is open now at Westfield Sydney on George Street and you can explore Monday to Sunday from 9am to late.

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