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Are The Government Too Soft On Dangerous Drivers?

Are The Government Too Soft On Dangerous Drivers?

That's the question now being asked after the tragic death of Home & Away actress Jessica Falkholt and her family after their car collided with a four-wheel-drive on Boxing Day. 

People are questioning why the 50 year old driver of the other vehicle, Craig Anthony Whitall, was even on the road.

Whitall was a methadone user, and according to 9 News, has 25 convictions to his name and has even spent time behind bars for traffic offences. 

There are now concerns that there are more people like him still on our roads and the statistics are quite alarming. 

undefinedPicture: 7 News

There are more disqualified drivers on our roads than ever before. People being caught driving while disqualified is at an all time high of 26%, with approximately 12,000 people caught last year. 

The NSW Government is being accused of not only halving the penalties, but also scrapping the Habitual Traffic Offenders program. For many it begs the question, how much do the Government really care about making our roads safer? 

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