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Aussie Family Claim $1,000-A-Week Centrelink Not Enough

An Australian grandmother-of-six has told Channel 9 that despite pocketing more than $1,000 a week in Centrelink payments, she and her family still struggle to get by.

Dianne Bramstead, 63, is paid $700 a fortnight in disability pension as is her 34-year-old daughter Alana; the pair live on the outskirts of Melbourne in housing commission with five of Alana's children, meaning she is also paid a single parent allowance of $650.

But Dianne says that it's still not enough.

"It isn't a lot of money, because by the time you buy your food, your fares, your power, it doesn't go very fair," she told A Current Affair, before revealing that her own mother had also lived on welfare payments.

"I don't want all the grandkids to have to go through the same cycle of being on benefits," Dianne added.

Alana's eldest daughter, who is 16 years old, is currently unemployed after leaving school in Year 10 despite, like her mother and grandmother, wanting to work.

"She just can't get a job anywhere," Alana explained. "She lives out with the boyfriend.

"Even though I'm on disability I still want to get out and work.

"I've completed my Certificate II, but a lot want Certificate III and IV. They just expect too much from people that are starting out."

According to studies by the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne, children born to parents on welfare are close to twice as likely to themselves end up on benefits than those with working parents.

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