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Aussie Mother-Of-Five Dies In Luxury Bali Villa Complex

An Australian mother-of-five has died after drinking 27 glasses of vodka while in Bali, according to local police.

Summa Jean Simmonds, 38, was holidaying in Seminyak with her sister and a friend when she collapsed in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Despite attempting CPR on Ms Simmonds, the Cairns native had died by the time a doctor arrived to the villa the trio were staying at.

Bali police are alleging that Ms Simmonds had drunk 27 glasses of vodka with her friends at their villa before returning to her own accommodation to get money; it was then that Ms Simmonds began to vomit and she fainted, her lips turning blue.

While authorities have no official cause of death, they suspect that Ms Simmonds may have died due to alcohol poisoning.

"We allege that she died from an overdose of alcohol beverages," North Kuta police chief Pius Pebri Aceng Loda told News Corp.

"We did not find any sign of violence but the investigation is ongoing.

"We are still waiting for an autopsy. We need to do an autopsy to find the cause of death."

Mr Loda did confirm that they had found no evidence to suggest that Ms Simmonds had been a victim of methanol poisoning, which can occur when tourists unknowingly drink locally produced spirits incorrectly labelled as recognisable brands.

Ms Simmonds body remains in Bali, where an autopsy will be carried out.

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