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Aussie Principal Accused Of Spending $19k On Private Toilet

The education department is investigating after a Sydney principal was accused of spending $19,000 on a private toilet in her office to avoid using the staff bathroom. 

A source told the Daily Telegraph parents of children at Cheltenham Girls' High School aren't happy, after discovering the Principal's ensuite was partly funded by their donations. 

A source revealed a three-cubicle staff toilet is located just two metres from principal Susan Bridge's office. 

Source: Facebook

'People are wondering whether she is just too proud to pee with the plebs,' a source told the Daily Telegraph.  

'They want to know why the principal gets a private loo while students have to put up with disgusting toilets that were built in the late 1950s or early 1960s.' 

According to the Education Department the toilet was built as part of a $49,000 development, which also saw a set of stairs, improved drainage and safety rails installed. The school allegedly suggested parents make a $100 donation on top of schools fees to assist the project. 

Source: Facebook

The Education Department said it will focus its investigation on whether the toilet's construction had 'appropriate consultation'.

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