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Aussie Teachers Ordered To Report Overweight Kids To FACS

The Education Department have ordered its teaching staff to report overweight children to welfare workers, claiming obesity as a "child protection issue".

According to The Daily Telegraph, anyone who works in and around schools - including groundskeepers - are undergoing training that will help them identify if a child's weight is impacting his or her "normal physical, social and emotional functioning".

But while some doctors have railed against the Department's decision, labelling it "social engineering", Medical Association president Michael Gannon said it would only benefit children in the long run.

"It's near-certain that if you're obese as a child, you'll be obese as an adult," he told The Daily Telegraph. "We have a problem - 60 per cent of Australian adults are overweight or obese."

Under the new guidelines, teachers are now required to "dob in" the families of children whose weight is impacting their "wellbeing and welfare to a significant degree" to the Department of Family and Community Services.

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