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Australia Is Getting A New, "CHEAPER Than Aldi" Supermarket!

German retail giant called Kaufland has confirmed it is heading down under as it's begun looking for properties and staff around Australia.

The supermarket offers it's shoppers many more cheaper options than Aldi, and they offer people everything from everyday groceries to car supplies.

It's entry to the Australian market will be the first time Kaufland has opened a store outside of Europe.

They've already got an Australian website, which has stated that they are looking for land that is a minimum of 10,000 square metres. Their preferred size of land is either 20,000 or 15,000 square metres.

The website states, "We are offering a unique shopping experience by bringing our values to life and making 'the difference' in the lives of our customers".

We have already heard that a smaller discount supermarket chain called Lidl may be entering the Australian market, which is also very similar to Aldi.

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