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Australia, Record For HOTTEST Spring Day EVER To Be Broken

This week, everyone was a little stunned when after a brutal winter, the temps reached the high 20s, and even felt like the early 30s.

It was damn hot, and a little creepy how literally the weather was taking the arrival of a new season.

Brushed off as just a once off, many of us thought the weather would return to its brisk 16-18 degree normality, but it seems things are just getting started.

Over the last week parts of NSW and Queensland have been experiencing temperatures far higher than the average, more akin to a mid summer heatwave than the start of spring.

Next week will be an extension of this.

On Wednesday, much of the really hot weather has been confined to inland areas of NSW and Queensland.

On Thursday, that warm front will hurtle towards the Queensland coast bringing temperatures in the mid to high THIRTIES, and mid FORTIES in places like Birdsville.

Thankfully south of the border, things are much more manageable but still balmy.

Sydney will see a unseasonably warm high of 27C on Thursday. But the gauge plummets as you go south.

Canberra will get to 21C with rain. Melbourne will reach 18C and Hobart 15C, both with possible showers.

Adelaide and Perth will both get to 18C but in the people of Western Australia should watch out for possible thunderstorms.

Darwin will be 34C, dry and sunny - a little humid.


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