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Australia Set To Have Coldest Winter EVER This Year

Time to pull out those scarves and winter coats Australia because predictions say that we’re headed for the COLDEST winter on record in Australia.

The weather forecast has been made by amateur meteorologist David Taylor and predicts that we will see shockingly low temperature levels and a generous amount of snowfall.

Mr Taylor, who is the admin for the East Coast Weather Facebook page claims that the extremely cool conditions will impact most of the country.

“It will be slightly cooler than normal in the north but the real cold will be in the southern states and southeast Queensland,” Mr Taylor said to The Cairns Post.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is snow in places where it hasn’t snowed for a long time.”

Mr Taylor is known to have correctly predicated major weather events in the past using a special forecast formula based on sunspot activity, Global Forecast System modelling and the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast.

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