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There's a National Heatwave Around The Country This Week

Temperatures are getting HOT and it looks like Summer is here to stay!

A heatwave has been forecast across the nation this week, with every state set to reach temperatures of 40 degrees and over!

Meteorologist Dean Narramore has said that South Australia may suffer the worst, with five days in a row forecasted above 45 degrees.

In Melbourne, the Australian Open gates have opened and the city is abuzz with action. Organisers have updated the tournament's extreme heat policy, to help players stay healthy during the Australian Summer.

The new policy involves compulsory 10 minute breaks in the fourth and fifth sets of men's matches. Play will also be suspended on outdoor courts when their new heat scale reading is at 5.0 or above.

In Sydney, the western suburbs will cop the worst with several days predicted to hit over 40 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology currently classifies a heatwave as three or more days of higher than usual temperatures in a location.

Have a look at the Bureau of Meteorology's forecast for your State capital here:


MONDAY: Min 17, Max 39, Hot, sunny

TUESDAY: Min 21, Max 41, Very hot

WEDNESDAY: Min 21, Max 40, Very hot

THURSDAY: Min 24, Max 35, Cloudy

FRIDAY: Min 24, Max 32, Showers


MONDAY: Min 22, Max 28, Cloudy

TUESDAY: Min 18, Max 35, Sunny

WEDNESDAY: Min 19, Max 35, Cloudy

THURSDAY: Min 21, Max 32, Cloudy

FRIDAY: Min 20, Max 31, Showers


MONDAY: Min 22, Max 28, Cloudy

TUESDAY: Min 22, Max 31, Sunny

WEDNESDAY: Min 22, Max 32, Sunny

THURSDAY: Min 22, Max 33, Sunny

FRIDAY: Min 23, Max 33, Mostly sunny


MONDAY: Min 17, Max 30, Sunny

TUESDAY: Min 17, Max 30, Sunny

WEDNESDAY: Min 17, Max 29, Sunny

THURSDAY: Min 15, Max 26, Sunny

FRIDAY: Min 16, Max 30, Sunny


MONDAY: Min 17, Max 35, Sunny

TUESDAY: Min 19, Max 39, Sunny

WEDNESDAY: Min 19, Max 40, Hot

THURSDAY: Min 21, Max 40, Hot

FRIDAY: Min 21, Max 39, Hot


MONDAY: Min 14, Max 25, Sunny

TUESDAY: Min 16, Max 29, Cloudy

WEDNESDAY: Min 17, Max 25, Shower

THURSDAY: Min 14, Max 26, Showers

FRIDAY: Min 15, Max 27, Showers


MONDAY: Min 22, Max 32, Sunny

TUESDAY: Min 22, Max 32, Cloudy

WEDNESDAY: Min 22, Max 33, Sunny

THURSDAY: Min 22, Max 33, Sunny

FRIDAY: Min 21, Max 32, Mostly sunny

Ouch. This is an important reminder for everyone to stay cool and hydrated during the hotter temperatures.

Oh, and don't forget to get the Zooper Doopers into the freezer!!

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