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Australia's East Coast Set To SHIVER Through A Freezing Week

The east coast of Australia has had an unusually warm end to winter but its about to change before we get the really good stuff.

A cold front is about to move across the country which will see morning temperatures in Sydney drop by up ten degrees this weekend.

'When we say cool down dramatically, it just means the early mornings will feel much colder,' Jacob Krojne, senior meteorologist at Weatherzone told Daily Mail Australia.

'Although we will briefly see Sunday and Saturday drop below 20 degrees for maximum temperatures'. 

Clearer skies are contributing to the colder weather, but the east coast itself will ‘’recover quite quickly from the cold front.

Mr Kronje said ‘As we go more inland west of the ranges, minimum, and maximum temperatures will struggle to get higher than the 20-degree mark.’

Melbourne had its warmest day of the year on Thursday, with 21 degrees being recorded, however, the highs for the next week will not be above 16 degrees, with weekend temperatures struggling to get above 14 on both Saturday and Sunday.

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