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Australia's Travel Hotspot Is Now The Most Dangerous

Australian’s love of Thailand is coming at a high cost.

In new statistic released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade statistics for the 12-months to May 31, show that assistance has been sought by 660 Aussies in just give countries and another 484 were arrested.

The top five countries for Australian deaths overseas account for 621 lives,  including 212 in Thailand, 124 in the Philippines and 97 in Indonesia.

Thailand was also the top place where Aussies are likely to end up in the hospital, with 200 admissions in the last year.

However, the US is where we are most likely to be arrested, with 170 arrests and 54 people jailed.

Deaths and injuries to Aussie travellers in Thailand were up 26 per cent on the previous year, despite Australian visitors to the country falling five per cent.

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