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Baby Brown Snake Found In Lunchbox

I don't want to overstate this, but we're definitely going to be overrun by deadly snakes this year.

This week, Adelaide snake catcher Rolly Burrell was called to a home in Hahndorf after a mum discovered a baby brown hiding in a cavity of her child's lunchbox.

While that might seem like a bit of a "what-are-the-chances-of-that" story, this next bit should make your pants the same colour as the aforementioned snake.

Rolly says he's been getting FIFTY to SIXTY CALLS A DAY about JUST baby brown snakes.

Imagine getting 50-60 calls a day about anything.  That's one call every 7.5 minutes during business hours.  So the question must be asked - when is does he actually have time to drive around and catch all these snakes?

Hence, we're all going to have to get used to snakes in our cereal:


Our toilets:


And on our pop royalty:


In case you were wondering, baby browns are just as lethal as their parents (except the parents have a habit of eating their babies, so maybe they win on a technicality).  So don't go being a hero - let a professional snake catcher take care of it.

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