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Baby Found 1km Out At Sea After Sunbaking Parents Forgot Her

Sometimes you hear stories that you just can't quite wrap your head around.

This is one of those stories...

We want to start by saying that the beautiful 10-month old baby is okay.

However, her parents have a lot of explaining to do.

Gorgeous 10-month old Melda was taken on a frightening trip when, according to Turkey's BGN News Day, Melda's parents completely forgot that their daughter had been left in a floatation device in the water, and she was whisked away, pushed out to sea.


As her parents relaxed and sunbaked on the beach in Greece, their 10-month old daughter was floating further and further out to sea.

When they finally realised, they alerted the coastguards, who found Melda floating nearly 1km out from the shore.

Below is the dramatic footage of her rescue.

Video via Strange World Youtube

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