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Bad News For Sydneysiders Enjoying The Cool Change

If you’ve been enjoying the cool change over the last few days compared to the sweltering heat of last week, don’t get too comfortable.

Apparently, summer is not cooling down for good just yet, with the scorching hot weather returning to Sydney this week.

Cue more sleepless nights. *sigh*

Despite temperatures peaking to 38 degrees on Tuesday, most of last week saw showers in place of the sunshine, with the occasional uncomfortably hot night.

This week, the heat is set to hit Sydney’s western suburbs harder, with Penrith predicted to reach 42 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, before dropping to 30 degrees for the rest of the week.

Parramatta will also see high temperatures, reaching 36 degrees on Monday and 41 degrees on Tuesday.

But thankfully, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Andrew Haigh is predicting a cool change on Tuesday afternoon. 

"We'll have a southerly change during the afternoon on Tuesday – that will really be a sharp temperature contrast and cool things down a lot," he said.

"Showers and a storm [are] probably likely on Tuesday as well ahead of that change."


Even with the cool change on the cards, Tuesday night will drop to 24 degrees with the minimum continuing to drop as the week goes on.

Which we guess, considering some of the overnight temperatures have been around 30 degrees recently, isn’t too bad!

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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