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Sydney, Bad News If You Were Hoping For A Dry, Hot Summer

With the lack of rain we've experienced over the past few months, even though some rain might be good for the garden, it's fair to say a lot of Sydneysiders were preparing for a dry summer.

With the lack of rain a lot of us have been talking about a long, hot summer to go out and enjoy our beaches and outdoors.

Most of us won't grumble too much if we get rain during the cooler months, but the Bureau of Meteorology say it now looks likely that between November and January we are going to cop a fair amount of rain.

We're being told to expect average or wetter than average conditions for most of south-eastern Australia this summer.

And with rain expected we'll also have more cloudy days giving us moderate daytime temperatures but also making our summer nights warmer and stickier than usual.

As of yesterday, Sydney has had a run of 69 days straight with less than 2 millimetres of rain.

We're now expecting moderate temperatures for the next few days before getting hotter conditions next Friday or Saturday with temperatures around the low 30s before dropping back again.

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