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BEWARE! New Scam That Is Costing Shoppers Hundreds

Amazon shoppers are being warned about a scam where fraudsters trick customers out of their personal details – and then use their account to place orders or spend gift cards.

The fake email, genuinely looks like it comes from Amazon, and tricks customers into thinking there’s a problem with processing their order, or it might ask them to log into their account to change their details.

First, it will asks you to click on a link and confirm your account details and then it uses this to collect your personal information.

One customer in the UK had £160 worth of gift cards stolen and £11 worth of orders made on his account.

He also discovered that an Amazon Prime subscription costing £79 a year, had been taken out in his name.

Scammers gained access to his account and spent money he had loaded on the gift cards and make additional orders using his account details.

Luckily, the customer was eventually able to get a refund, and Amazon also gave him an additional £160.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “These can look similar to real Amazon emails but often direct the recipient to a false website where they might be asked to provide account information such as their email address and password combination.”

To ensure you do not fall victim to the scam, always go directly to your account on Amazon to review or make any changes to your account or orders.


Source: Amazon

Image: Kim Komando

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