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BIG Changes To Aussie Driver’s P2 Test Today

If you’re still on your P-plates and looking to make the move over to your full license, no doubt you’ve been fearing the dreaded test needed to pass over from a P2 (green P) license holder, into fully fledged legal driver.

Well you needn’t worry.

Of three changes happening today, possibly the most exciting for P2 drivers is that, ‘The Driver Qualification Test has been removed for P2 drivers to graduate to a full licence’, as per a report on Forbes Advocate. However, no-one is off the hook for reckless behaviour.

The same report revealed a six month extension will be imposed if a P2 driver receives a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour. In addition to that change, learner drivers will now be required to undertake the Hazard Perception Test before undertaking their practical driving test.

This means P1 (red P) drivers no longer have to take the HPT graduate to their P2 license.

There are transitional arrangements in place for current learner and provisional 1 and 2 licence holders.

"By taking the Hazard Perception Test, learner drivers will be more prepared for common crash scenarios before they start driving unsupervised.

"The new suspension rules for P2 drivers make sure that novice drivers have a good record before they can apply for a full licence. The extra six months a suspended driver will need to spend on their P2 licence will encourage safe driving behaviour," Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer Melanie Suitor Suitor said.

Source: Forbes Advocate

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