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A "Monster Storm" Is Headed For NSW

NSW can wave goodbye to the recent balmy weather with a “monster storm” predicted to sweep the state, bringing with it a bitter cold snap.

The low pressure front is moving over from Western Australia and will hit Victoria and Tasmania first before settling into southern NSW over the weekend.

And that means winds, rain, hail and blizzards, as well as a predicted 100 centimetres of snow in the Snowy Mountains between Sunday and Thursday.

“A large area of cold air is moving from the south-west, moving rapidly off the Antarctic Peninsula,” BOM forecaster Richard Carlyon told

“We did have some mild weather for the start of spring but that has quickly changed and it’ll be a cold one.”

Mr Carlyon added: “It’ll be cool into the weekend but a high pressure system will probably move over on Sunday and we’ll see the clearance of showers and the moderation of the wind.”

If you think we’ve got it bad, though, spare a thought for poor Melbourne; they’re facing maximum temperatures of just 12°C this weekend.

What happened to spring, hey?

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