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Brace Yourself, Sydney: Cyclone Debbie Is Heading Your Way

Less than 24 hours after Cyclone Debbie made landfall in north Queensland, NSW residents are being warned to expect torrential rain, heavy winds and flash flooding as the tropical storm moves south.

The cyclone, which at one point was measured at category five, has devastated large parts of Queensland, battering homes and destroying crops.

And the weather system will only continue to wreak havoc, with more than 100 mm of rain expected in some parts of NSW over the coming days.

Rob Taggart, a forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology, told The Daily Telegraph that the storm's knock-on effects will play out as the week progresses.

"A whole lot of humidity is being dragged by this system across eastern parts of NSW," he said. "That is going to interact with a cold front for NSW on Thursday.

"Because of that, there will be widespread rainfall over the eastern half of NSW on Thursday, with the heaviest falls to be around the northern rivers."

Mr Taggart also explained that, while no flood warnings have been issued just yet, we're in for a super soaking.

"Thursday is going to be a pretty soggy day and we are forecasting rain 20 mm or more widespread," he continued. "There will be a southerly change coming throughout the day, but the winds will pick up in the evening."

Something to look forward to, then!

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