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BREAKING: German Soccer Stadium Evacuated After Bomb Threat


News just in that a second stadium has been evacuated in Hannover 

Spectators and players at Hannover stadium have been evacuated before the Germany VS Holland football match following police uncovering plans for a 'serious bomb attack'. 

German media reports a truck loaded with explosives disguised as an ambulance attempted to drive into the stadium. 

Hannover city police chief Volker Kluwe said there had been "serious plans to cause an explosion" in the 49,000-capacity stadium. 

Speaking to public broadcaster ARD, he said "We received a serious indication that a bomb attack was planned inside the stadium tonight". 

A man was arrested at gunpoint around 1km away from the arena and German sport journalist Jeroen Grueter tweeted an image of the suspect surrounded by heavily armed officers. 

Thousands of fans were evacuated. 

The same German team was playing France in paris last Friday when players and fans were shaken by the blasts of three jihadist suicide bombers outside the Stade de France. 

Before the match, the German team had been practising the French anthem which they were going to sing in a sign of solidarity with the shaken neighbouring nation. 

Source: 9News

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