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Cause Of Death For Davidson Family-Of-Four Confirmed

The whole nation has been rocked by the devastating discovery of a family of four - and the pet dog - in a Sydney home in Davidson.

The family were found deceased in their home on Monday morning by Police and were examined by a coroner at 10pm on Monday evening.

The bodies have been identified as 44-year-old Fernando Manrique, 42-year-old Maria Claudia Lutz, and 11-year-old Elisa and 10-year-old Martin, who were both autistic.

Police have confirmed that the family of four who were found deceased in a house on Sydney’s North Shore were poisoned with gas.

A welfare report was made after the mother didn’t show up for work at the school canteen.

Mrs Manrique and her husband moved to Australia from Columbia in 2005 are said to have disagreed on how to parent their children, who both had nonverbal autism and were unable to speak.

According to sources close to the couple, Mrs Manrique and her husband are said to have struggled with raising their children, with their mother often posting about her children on social media, saying that her ‘worst nightmare’ was either of her kids getting lost or going missing.

Principal Warren Hopley of St Lucy's Primary School in Wahroonga said the mother had coffee with a group of school mothers on Friday and seemed perfectly fine.

After repeated unanswered phone calls to their home on Monday morning and no email from Mrs Manrique saying her children would not be attending school, a teacher called the police.

Mr Hopley said Elisa and Martin, who were in year five and year four, respectively, were much-loved students by their peers.

'This is an exceptional family. They've been at the school here for six years. Two beautiful children. And mum was very active within the school - almost a cornerstone of the school in many ways,' Mr Hopley said.

'I don't think she slept for many hours of the night because of the difficulties often with the two children, and yet she would always be here helping out in every way she possibly could.'

Source: Daily Mail

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